Located on the Emblavez plain, at the ponds on the banks of the Loire, in Saint-Vincent, Emb'Lazer Game introduces you to a laser shooting game where participants compete outdoors, in a specially designed wood. It’s an opportunity for them to experience real sensations. Recently, Emb'Lazer Game has moved and set up camp in your garden, your business, your leisure center or your sports club.

Can you tell us about your structure?

Laurence Faure: It is located a little away from the ponds on the banks of the Loire, on a protected site, and in a shaded wood. The activity was launched in February 2019, but had to be closed very quickly due to covid, before being relaunched. We know about indoor laser games, a little less so about those offered outdoors. Here, we are in the open air and surrounded by nature on an area of ​​approximately 6000 m², with hiding places made with materials found on the site or recycled such as wooden pallets. We also reused a lot of dead trees that were here.

Guaranteed sensations?

Yes ! This allows you to experience real sensations! You can run, jump or roll on the ground. You can also stand in a corner in “sniper” mode. You can give everything, whatever your age, and whatever your pace. Each participant is given a helmet and a cap, as well as a laser rifle. We offer a briefing once everyone is equipped, to explain how it works, before the participants leave to play.

Do you also offer home services?

Yes. This is mainly aimed at leisure centers, sports clubs and company outings. Today, we are equipped to respond to requests throughout the year and even if the weather is not necessarily favorable. For example, we offer 15-minute gaming sessions. We cannot offer teams of 20 people on a company site if the area allocated to the game is not large enough, or even in the playground. of a school. We adapt and we can also offer sessions in a gym for example.

Convenient :
Emb’Lazer Game
D103 – Le Cros de Gare
43800 Saint Vincent
Phone: 06 50 98 62 25
Facebook: Emb'Lazer-Game Saint Vincent


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