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Groupes : visite guidée 3 heures

Guided tour of the old town and the cathedral of Puy-en-Velay, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site as part of the paths of Saint-Jacques of Compostela.
Visit to a monument of your choice.
3 hour formula.
Walking tour of Puy-en-Velay and a monument of your choice
Base 25 people maximum
Duration: 3h00

Welcome of your group by a tour guide and departure for a circuit
pedestrian in the heart of the protected area. Discovery of the elements
architectural features of old residences, sculpted doors, turrets…
The highlight of the visit is the Notre-Dame du Puy Cathedral, head
of a work of Romanesque art, listed as a world heritage site by
UNESCO. It presents various influences due to contributions from the Orient
and Moorish Spain. To see in the cathedral: the Pierre des Fèvres,
the Black Madonna (Notre-Dame du Puy), frescoes and paintings (les Arts
You will discover the history of a sanctuary city and pilgrimages, crossroads
of the hike, starting point of the Via Podiensis, GR 65 towards Saint-
Jacques de Compostela; a city where the lace-making tradition continues.
A walk in the heart of a thousand-year-old city.
For the 3-hour visit, choose the monument to include in your visit:

• The Bobbin Lace Teaching Center pursues two missions: maintaining tradition and practice through teaching and safeguarding lace-making heritage, exhibitions of old lace and
Each year, a themed exhibition is presented. In 2022: “Lace at the tip of the needle”.

• National Lace Conservatory Workshop:
Created in 1976, the National Lace Conservatory Workshop is attached to the National Furniture collections and responsible for maintaining bobbin lace techniques: layout, design, finishing and assembly. The pieces of high artistic quality thus created (tablecloths,
towels, sheets, etc.) are included in the Mobilier National collections.
Open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

• The rock and the Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe chapel:
Resulting from volcanism, the rock with a height of 82 m and the chapel of Saint-
Michel (classified as a Historic Monument since 1840) constitutes an exceptional site.
A technical and human feat.
A 32 m2 screen gives the illusion of walking around the site.

• The Corneille rock and the monumental Notre-Dame de France statue:
Technical performance, the statue was erected in 1860. Work of Jean-
Marie Bonnassieux, it measures 22.70 m high and weighs 835 tonnes. THE
Rocher Corneille, ancient citadel, highest point of the Ponot basin, offers a
unique 360° panorama (orientation table) over the cathedral, the city and the

• The Cloister of the Cathedral and its Gold and Embroidery exhibition: the cloister
(11th and 12th centuries) in Romanesque style presents a medieval bestiary, a
series of historic capitals. In the Hall of States, an exceptional
collection of liturgical ornaments and embroidered paintings from the 15th to the 20th century (Cougard-Fruman collection).
This major cathedral complex has preserved a large part of its medieval constructions (machicolations building, clergy dwellings, baptistery, etc.), brought together by a very rich Romanesque cloister.

• The Camino:
Museum space installed in the Saint-Vidal hotel in the historic heart of Puy-en-Velay, 4 floors for a Saint-Jacques virtual and alive.
Take the path of the stars and experience the stages of the road to Saint-
Jacques de Compostela.

• Crozatier Museum:
Completely restored, the Crozatier Museum is made up of two parts: the 19th century garden building and a reconstructed building in concrete and glass.
The diversity of the museum's collections allows you to discover the history of Velay and Haute-Loire.
This encyclopedic museum is divided into several galleries:
> The historical gallery (Vellavian history from Prehistory to the Renaissance).
> The Fine Arts Gallery.
> The science and technology gallery (paleontology and natural history,
A room dedicated to lace
Exhibition 2024: The Pompidou center comes to Puy-en-Velay from June 29, 2024 to January 05, 2025.

• Land of Giants:
Digital Show. Alongside Alice, come to the aid of Alec the giant, keeper of the department's secrets.
Board the aircraft and take off for a surprising and immersive experience.
New show from June 17, 2024


Price per person (minimum 25 people):
Duration of the visit: 3 hours (city and cathedral + the chosen monument)
– Rocher Corneille and Notre Dame de France statue: €10.
– Rock and chapel of Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe: €13.
– Land of giants: €17.
– Cathedral cloister: €13.
– Bobbin lace teaching center: €8 (Sunday: €12)
– The Camino: €10.
– National Lace Conservatory: €8.
– Crozatier Museum: €14.

What is included

The price includes

– The services of a tour guide.
– Reservation of service providers.
– The entrance to the chosen monument
– Price valid from 25 people

Pratical information

  • Guided tours
  • Groups welcome

Opening period

All year.
Valid all year round depending on schedules
opening of monuments.
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