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at La Chaise-Dieu

Geb Nout Diffusion

Farmers and researchers, labeled Nature and Progress. Geb-Nout offers products that respect the balance of Man and Earth: breads, fermented drinks, balms, processed cereals, jams, compotes, herbal medicine, hydrosols and gemmotherapy
Do you want to experiment and exchange with the living? Geb-Nout is the observation and preservation site that will meet your expectations. Here, Man dialogues with nature and has the mission of forging links between the Earth, the Living and Man.
Colorful gingerbreads, tasty flower jelly, crunchy biscuits made from ancient wheat varieties or even golden and crispy breads with forgotten cereals will delight your palate, your body and your mind.
Our preparations are a way to stay in touch with our Mother Earth throughout the year.
You can buy these dishes made by Rachel and Mathieu or discover the natural site with which we work during the courses or immersions. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

Cultivation of 8 gardens and 2 experimental greenhouses in a forest environment and forest edge (4ha)
Preservation of wild spaces (1ha) and witness to their evolution
Cereal cultivation (3ha)
Transformation of plants and cereals from the land (food and care)
Training, reception and visits to the gardens, creation of events
SORGHUM Competence Center
Gastronomic trainer
Cosmopolitan gardens in urban environments.
Tips and Suggestions

Nature and Progress label

Sustainable tourism

Permaculture and agroforestry gardens on 5Ha; cultivation of food and medicinal plants as well as wild gathering; research on plants and their adaptations to climatic conditions; internships, training and conferences on site and on request; preservation of buffer zones without intervention; multiplication of old varieties.


A place for research into plant life and, by extension, our place as human beings. A mix of wild and cultivated, forest and so-called medicinal plants... a place where we invite you to experience the living.


  • Oils, spices and condiments
  • Non-food products
  • Biscuits and confectionery
  • Soft drink
  • Cereals and derived products
  • Fresh/stuffed pasta
  • Vegetables and derived products
  • Flowers, plants and derived products

Operator status

  • Organic Producer


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024
Delicatessen and garden vegetables open from June 1 to October 31 from 17 p.m. to 18 p.m. on 0608459909 or 0660808725


  • Nature and Progress



  • Parking nearby


  • Educational visits
  • Sale at the property
  • Hosting
  • Shop
  • Tourist Documentation
  • Tourist information
  • Catering
  • Table d'hôtes
  • Guided tours
  • Sale in the markets
  • Collective point of sale sale
  • Online Shop
  • Withdrawal from a drop-off point
  • Withdrawal from the markets

Activities on site

  • Product tasting

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17, Baffour
43160 La Chaise-Dieu
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