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Le Rocher des filles

Located to the east of La Chaise-Dieu, Bonneval is cut in two by the valley of La Dorette which conceals astonishing treasures including the rock of the girls (or young ladies), a large granite rock 22 meters high in the middle of the woods. from Jagonaz
It is said that young girls from the area came to touch the rock in order to find a lover and get married.
Laurence Gay, in Bonneval au fil du temps, adds that “for our ancestors the Gauls, young ladies were fairies. We can think that the rock was a Gallic place of worship”. This rock is defended to the west by a deep artificial ditch and there are medieval shards scattered on the slope. It is very likely that a castle mound once stood there.
To the north-west of Bonneval, in Les Rochelles, a rocky mass bears, as at Roche Martine, the trace of the passage of Saint Robert. The popular eye and legend together see, in various cavities of the rocks, a whole set of dishes from the holy abbot and the trace of his mule's hoof. Twenty years ago, at the top of the highest rock, there was an oval basin about twenty centimeters in diameter. The inhabitants called it the bowl or the plate of Saint Robert. It would seem, according to them, that this heritage was destroyed during forestry work...
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