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Usine Hydroélectrique

In 1917, the Compagnie Electrique de la Loire et du Center established a development project involving the use of the power of two falls: on the Allier and on the Ance du Sud. The decision is made to install the plant at their confluence.
A little history :
The owner of a mill had an ingenious idea! Use the driving force of a small river to produce electrical energy and turn your mill. This is how the Monistrol Electric Company was born and will ensure the distribution of the precious “Electricity Fairy” until 1946. It becomes the most important factory in the Haute Loire.
In 1946, a law imposed the nationalization of electricity production, transport and distribution companies. It was EDF which then became the concessionaire of the Monistrol Electric Company.
Between 1918 and 1941, three dams were built: the Pouzas dam, the Valette dam, and the Poutès dam on the Allier.
The hydroelectric plant is powered by two hydraulic falls from the three dams mentioned above. The waters of the two falls are turbined in a factory located at the confluence in the town of Monistrol d'Allier and still make it possible today to operate five groups within the factory. They represent a total installed power of 26 MW and can produce electricity for the equivalent of a town the size of Puy-en-Velay.
The period equipment is for the most part still in use today, despite renovation work in the 20th century.
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