Historic site and monument
in Aiguilhe

Rocher et Chapelle Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe

North of the town of Puy-en-Velay, the town of Aiguilhe is characterized by a Rock (former volcanic chimney) on which stands a surprising and magnificent chapel, dedicated to Saint Michael since the 10th century.
It is a monument, pre-Romanesque and Romanesque, major in Auvergne.
At the suggestion of Mérimée, this building was included on the first list of Historic Monuments in 1840 and obtained the title of 4th “French Favorite Monument” in 2014 and 2022.

The bishop of Puy, Godescalc, and the dean of the chapter of Puy Cathedral, Truannus, were at the origin of the construction of the Chapel dedicated to Saint-Michel in the year 961. Godescalc was also the first French pilgrim around Santiago de Compostela around the year 950, thus opening the “Via Podiensis” of the Chemins de Saint Jacques.
The primitive oratory of this imposing construction is limited to the current choir. It was included in a larger monument, in the XNUMXth century, which hugs the contours of the summit of the Rock. This expansion, without foundations, consists of a nave, an ambulatory and a gallery as well as a remarkable polychrome and trefoil façade.
In the 1955th century, Prosper Mérimée ordered the cleaning of the whitewash covering the frescoes of the Chapel. This work, entrusted to the painter-restorer Anatole Dauvergne, is accompanied by statements. Lately these drawings have made it possible to restore and reveal frescoes which had become illegible. In XNUMX, a treasure was discovered under the altar. It is made up of venerable objects (Romanesque Christ in olive wood, silver pectoral cross, reliquary urn, fabrics and ivory box).

The Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe site is reinventing itself in order to welcome all audiences. A new fun and interactive space (re)makes you want to come there, to discover the original work from a different perspective.
This new scenography also constitutes a virtual visit and allows you to find yourself in total immersion in the chapel and at the top of the Rock.

Night visits in July and August (consult the days and times and book directly on the Rocher website).
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An unusual site, a unique silhouette and the emotion of 1000 years of history.
There is something magical about the Rocher Saint-Michel! Between vertigo and serenity, the emotion is strong when you arrive at the top of the 82 m of this volcanic neck.

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Night visits in July and August (consult the days and times and book directly on the Rocher website).
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night visit in July and August:
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Free for children under: 5 years old

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Physical disability

You have to climb 268 steps to reach the Chapel which overlooks the Rocher Saint-Michel. Since June 2019, new scenographic spaces have been inaugurated in order to improve the accessibility of the site. Thus, it is now possible to take a virtual tour of the Chapel!

On the first floor, we find ourselves facing a giant curved screen. Sébastien Falcon, the site manager, comments on the visit while manipulating a joystick that allows him to move around the screen. In a few seconds, we are projected to the top of the Rock and we discover the Chapel as if we were there!

We salute this technical feat and strongly encourage other hard-to-reach places to follow the example!
A simple virtual tour on a laptop or tablet can already bring a lot to visitors with reduced mobility, if they don't have to physically move around the entire building.
To find out more about the Rocher Saint-Michel:

Check the official website;
Watch the Facebook live below to get a sneak peek of the virtual tour. www.facebook.com/watch/?v=281856956254808

If you are driving, do not hesitate to park as close as possible. If you take the guided tour of the tourist office like us, you will appreciate finally riding in a wheelchair on tarred roads! But be careful because the difference in altitude is significant and the path constantly descends.
From 7 € / adult


Rocher Street
43000 Aiguilhe
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