Historic site and monument
in Saint-Paulien

La Chapelle de Chassaleuil

Located 6 km from Saint-Paulien, building from the Gothic period, 360th or early XNUMXth century. It is dedicated to Saint Madeleine, reputed to heal the sick. Magnificent XNUMX° view.
The small chapel belonged to the monks of the order of Grandmont established near Saint-Vincent, at the monastery of Viaye-les-Moines, since 1181. The order of Grandmont will be abolished in 1772 and the chapel will become a property of section, property inhabitants of the village of Chassaleuil, in patois "Tchassaveuï", that is to say old houses.
The unique nave and the flat choir received ribbed vaults. A modest campanile crowns the west facade, dominating the entrance portal; this is surrounded by prismatic moldings.

Since 2017, the chapel has become the property of the municipality, which has made it possible to compile a restoration file. The work essential to its conservation involved the restoration of the vault supporting the Roman tile roofing as well as the repair of the lime plasters on the facades. This operation was budgeted thanks to donations from individuals, grants from the heritage foundation and the departmental council.
Tips and Suggestions

A short PR 350 hiking circuit passes in the immediate vicinity,
possibility of picnicking near the chapel.

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