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Château du Villard

The Château de Villard is a major building in the commune of St Germain Laprade. Built at the end of the Middle Ages, remodeled during the Renaissance (1545) and at the end of the XNUMXth century. It develops a rich and high quality built ensemble.
The Château du Villard, located at the bottom of the Gagne valley and not in a dominant position, was originally the seat of an important estate
agricultural, stronghold of the GOUDET.
The Primitive Castle dates from the XNUMXth century (towers, Logis and outbuildings confined to four towers), Passed by marriage to the SAINT VIDAL family, it became
XNUMXth century, the seat of a commandment of Velay with right of high justice on the surrounding villages and then took on defensive finery (subsistence
of archers on the towers).
During the Renaissance, Antoine 1er de La Tour Saint Vidal, undertook major expansion and embellishment works, inspired
by the constructions of the Loire Valley: extension of the buildings towards the East, creation of a covered gallery on 2 levels all around the courtyard
(now disappeared) and of which the pillars remain on the three walls which still enclose the courtyard (ex Basse-cour), construction of a porch
entrance (decorated with hunting scenes) adorned with columns surmounted by a triangular pediment open to the outside of the courtyard…
Their descendants kept the estate until the Revolution; it was then seized and sold as emigrant property. This long possession by the
SAINT-VIDAL family, earned it its name of "Villard-Saint Vidal".
During the XNUMXth century, several owners succeeded one another up to Dr REYNAUD (uncle of Emile REYNAUD – inventor of the Praxinoscope and the
Théâtre Optique) who bought it in 1858 and saved it from peril, his niece Louise VERNIÈRE who inherited it, completed its restoration under the direction of
the ponot architect Antoine Martin (architect of the Crozatier Museum).
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26 Alley of the Castle
43700 Saint-Germain-Laprade
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