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Chapelle de Saint-Etienne de Douchanez

Perched on a rocky peak, the Saint-Étienne de Douchanez chapel dominates the Allier gorges. Of modest size, this building corresponds to the old castle chapel in connection with the castle, now disappeared, of the lords of Douchanez.
This chapel was probably built in the 12th century by the lords of Doschaz, one of the oldest feudal lineages in Gévaudan. It is dedicated to Saint Etienne, who remained the protector of the villages of Douchanez, Chastres, Freycenet and Ramenac, whose inhabitants, in the past, frequented what was perhaps the chapel of the disappeared Château.
The chapel restoration campaign began in 2010 by “les Ateliers de la Bruyère”, an integration association in Saugues linked to the local mission in Brioude.
The realization concerns the structural work; the wooden ceiling and part of the floor made of black locust paving stones. The installation of the stained glass windows is the work of Fabienne de Seauve, stained glass artist from Le Puy. The project ends with the installation of the oak door, carried out by the Pontier de Saugues company.

A little legend is told:

The true or legendary story... remembered from this family that they had received a pair of hunting dogs as a gift from the Bishop of Viviers. The two dogs are nicknamed: Duobus and Canibus. What is said to become, much later, Doschaz, then Douchanez.

Every 1st Sunday in August, a pilgrimage is organized
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The Douchanez
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