A little over a year ago Margaux Clément opened a high-end spa on Boulevard Gambetta, in Puy-en-Velay. Personalized treatments are offered in an art deco house and in an elegant and luxurious setting, just a few steps from the city's very attractive tourist sites. The place was also named Le Mont Anis spa, because of the view it offers of the monuments of the Ponote city. We also offer tailor-made events on site in a private space.

What made you want to open this SPA?

Margaux Clement: In fact, I have always been in this universe. I have had two years of experience as an employee but I did quite a few internships before, in Monaco, Annecy and Tokyo. But it was especially the one that I had the opportunity to do in Monaco that made me want to move into management and create my own business. I opened this SPA because I realized that there were not the kind of services that I offer in Puy-en-Velay with my two employees.

What are the particularities of your SPA?

It is located in an apartment on Boulevard Gambetta which is one of the old mansions of the time. It dates from 1800. It has been transformed into professional premises with great heights, exposed stones and parquet flooring over 210m2. It has large bay windows which offer an exceptional view of the city's historic monuments. This is why I named The Spa Mount Anise.

What types of care are offered?

We offer tailor-made and personalized care. We adapt to the client's needs on the day of the appointment. We carry out a small diagnosis before each treatment. We offer massages from 30 minutes to 1h30 depending on each person's desires and problems.

We also carry out tailor-made facial treatments using French products from prestigious brands that we are used to finding in palaces. We have a SPA cabin for two people and another for one person.

Are other services offered?

Yes, we have a private space where our clients like to meet before a treatment. This gives them a muscular and mental release. There is a hammam with humid heat and an ice cream fountain. It’s actually a hot-cold therapy course. And then, we like to introduce people to the SPA by creating tailor-made events at the request of customers.

We had the opportunity, for example, to offer a wine tasting or even a private concert. We also have a request for a wedding! There are plenty of possible ideas for privatizing the place.

We also have a herbal tea lounge in the panoramic lounge where you can contemplate the city's monuments. You can access it after a treatment and consume drinks and sweets. We have developed breakfast, brunch and snacks, enhanced with local products. All this is offered, of course, by reservation.

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