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T05 – Mont Plaux

A route with beautiful views…

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The direction markers bear the number of the circuits when they are common.
Wrong direction markers indicate paths not to take.
“DANGER” markers most of the time alert you to crossing a road, but can also alert you to a slippery passage, a cliff, etc. Be vigilant!

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

A warm-up to start: a small road that goes towards Sumène, before taking a first climb leading to a place called “Les Sauces”. Then direction Saint-Pierre Eynac and its beautiful atypical church. It's the calm before the storm: a descent, a flat and a long climb will allow you to reach Mont Plaux, the highest point of the route. From the cliff of the Virgin, the view is breathtaking over the Saint-Julien basin, the Mézenc plateau and the Dévès range.
The return is then made in the undergrowth, before crossing the Vizade, and following the foot of the suc de Monnac. The road crossing at Le Collet (caution!) will bring you back to your starting point.
Pedestrian sportsTrail route
Duration02hElevation544 D- ​​/ 545 D+Distance15,5 kmMax Altitude1026 m
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