in Saint-Bérain

PR702 La Durande et le Marais de Limagne

In the shadow of three peaks, the Suc de Combret, the Durande and the Veysseyre, lies a vast peat bog, the Limagne marsh. This remarkable ecosystem is the habitat of many protected species.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take the D 30, join and cross Combret. Leave the main road in the center of the hamlet by following a street on the right.
Turn left onto a path until it ends, on the D 48. Take it on the right until you reach the entrance to Saint-Bérain [> view of the Allier valley].
At the town hall, continue opposite and, shortly after, take a path on the right. It climbs through meadows and joins the D 30 [> cross]. Cut the road and continue. Take the first path you come across, go up to the left. Cross the D 48 and climb, via a motorable path, through the woods. Continue a few meters to the left, then to the right, through a clearing. At a crossroads of paths and paths, go left, then immediately turn right.
On the left, climb to the summit of the Durande [ > 360° viewpoint over the Cantal mountains, the Cézallier, the Sancy massif, the Puy de Dôme, the Livradois massif, the Forez mountains, the Meygal and the Mézenc, Devès, Margeride, the gorges and valley of Allier]. Go down to the left via a steep path (> fairly steep and gullied descent) to a logging road.
Turn right, then turn left and follow the slopes of the Vesseyre.
In sight of Beyssac, go up to the left. Stay on the main path on the right until you reach a road which you take on the left. Walk along the Limagne marsh [> peat bog, Natura 2000 wetland], reach a crossroads.
Turn left onto a farm road. Reach a crossroads.
Via a grassy path, go down to the right at Limagne. In the hamlet, continue opposite in a street and, at a cross, turn right. Then turn left and follow a road for approximately 900 m. At the start of a right turn, continue left on an uphill road. Reach a large junction.
Take the second path on the left. At a first fork, turn left, at a second, go right. Go up a grove and, further on, cross a road. At the foot of a pylon, turn right onto a path and return to the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation488 D- ​​/ 487 D+Distance15,0 kmMax Altitude1296 m
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