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PR699 Le sentier de l'Arkose

After the arkose quarries, visit the hamlets which dot the heights of the Sumène and take advantage of the Montferrat orientation table to take in a fantastic panorama.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From Place de la Naute, go up then take
the main street (rue de l'Arkose, D 988a) on the right. Go left between the church and the fountain. Go up rue de l'Égalité and continue onto rue du Réservoir on the left. Cut the D 43, go alongside the cemetery and continue left. In the right turn, take the right track. She draws a bend to the right to bypass the quarries.

At the exit, facing the fence, take the path on the left. It rises in the wood. Ignore the path on the right.

At the fork, turn left onto the path. Continue to the right along the track along the N 88. Cross the bridge on the left, take the road on the right [O> orientation table] and reach Montferrat.

Turn left onto the main street of the hamlet for 500 m. Cut the D 43 and continue on the track opposite for 500 m. She enters the woods and arrives at a water catchment.

Continue along the track which turns left for 40 m, then take the path on the right. Cross the path and continue straight on for 650 m.

Go down the path on the left. Cross the path and continue downhill.

Take the track on the right. Cross the D 156 (> be careful!), climb the embankment, take the road on the left for 20 m, then the path on the right. At the fork, follow the path on the left and enter the woods.

Take the path on the right and go down to Salins. Take the road on the left. At the crossroads, turn onto the road on the right and cross La
Gravel pit. At the intersection, take rue du Gabion opposite. It passes under the N 88 viaduct.

Before the crossroads, take the path on the right. It passes under the bridge, runs along the bank of the Sumène and winds its way to the right of the stadium. Cross the footbridge and continue on the other bank. After 1 km, change banks again, then take the Pont Blanc of the D 36 on the right. Just after, go left towards the stadium, stay left and use the pedestrian bridge. Go around the gymnasium to the right to find the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation237 D- ​​/ 236 D+Distance10,3 kmMax Altitude866 m
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