in Saint-Julien-d’Ance

PR689 Autour du Champdieu

Set off to discover the Chandieu and Ance valleys, meeting places for fishermen, walkers and swimmers.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the war memorial, go down below via the small road.
Leave the return path on the right and follow the road. Cross the bridge over the Ance, continue along the road for 200 m, then take the road on the left. It goes up into the woods and turns into a path. After a high point, it becomes straight.
At the entrance to the bend towards Tauriac, take the grassy path straight ahead. Cross the crossroads, take the road opposite and go up to Péret. At the chapel, turn right.
At the town hall, continue opposite on the path which bends to the right. Further down, at the fork, continue to the right.
Cut the D 44, continue along the path opposite, go down and cross the footbridge over the Chandieu stream. After a short climb, follow the small road on the left. Cross the D 29 and continue opposite to enter Voirac.
In the hamlet, go down to the right and reach Laprat. Take the D 29 on the left, cross the two bridges over the Ance (Giroux mill reach) and continue by road for 300 m.
Take the path on the right. Higher up, in the woods, ignore the path which goes down to the right and continue climbing. At the crossroads, turn right.
At the entrance to the farm, leave the road on the left to take the dirt road opposite which loops to the left. Take the path blocked by the wooden gate (close the gate carefully!). At the exit of the pasture, go through the second gate. Follow the D 352 on the right for 150 m.
Discover the wooden stairs on the right which give access to the path. It goes down under the fir trees and comes out onto the outward road.

2 Follow the road on the left to return to the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation330 D- ​​/ 330 D+Distance9,2 kmMax Altitude842 m
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