in Chamalières-sur-Loire

PR668 Des bords de Loire au Pouy

This short circuit on the slopes of the volcanic Mount Gerbizon will allow you to enjoy the banks of the Loire and a lovely view of the picturesque village of Chamalières-sur-Loire, formerly the seat of a powerful Benedictine priory.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Go down to the right towards the church, go around it on the left; go down to reach the edge of the Loire. Continue straight on this small road which runs along the river until you reach a bridge. Cross the crossroads straight on and continue on the D 103 towards Retournac. Pass under the railway bridge.
After 100 m, leave the road to climb to the right on the stone footbridge above the railway line. Cross the rails, then follow the path to the left. Reach a road. Take it on the right and, immediately, continue on the asphalt on the right. After 330 m, leave it for a path on the right alongside a stone wall for 160 m.
Turn left and follow the path until you reach a road. Turn right to go around the Ventressac fortified house, take the path on the right and reach a fork.
Turn right and climb into the forest. Higher up, at a fork, continue to the right and continue to climb. The path flattens out; cross a stream, then turn right to go down to a small road.
Cut it and take the wide path opposite (viewpoint). Pass between two houses; the path narrows and descends steeply to Chamalières-sur-Loire. At the first house, turn left and pass near the wash house. Take rue du Ruisseau which goes down to the main street. Take it on the left for 80 m, then turn right to reach the church.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration01hElevation201 D- ​​/ 201 D+Distance3,8 kmMax Altitude688 m
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