in Chamalières-sur-Loire

PR667 De la Loire au suc de Bartou

From the banks of the Loire to the summit of the Bartou volcano, this circuit lets you discover different atmospheres, between the deep forest of the slopes of Mont Gerbizon, the mineral universe of the Costaros cliff, and the banks of the river.

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Warning !
During the nesting period the PR can be closed between points 6 and 7. In this case use the path further south between Le Chomeil and Aunas.

Aerial path to Suc de Bartou.

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take the street towards the center of the village for a few meters, then turn right into the small street. At the fork, turn left and continue on the path. At the edge, climb on the right up to the road. Follow this to the right, then go up into the forest by the second path on the left.
At the hairpin, continue on the main path on the left. At the intersection, turn right. Continue straight ahead and, after a house, go left. At the entrance to Fayolle, head left. Turn right and cross the hamlet. Ignore a path on the left.
At the crossroads, take the path on the left. In the forest, ignore a path on the right. At the fork, go left. At the entrance to Granoux, continue straight on. In the hamlet, turn right.
At the crossroads, go straight on the road. After 40 m, go down to the right and follow a property along a narrow path. Take the road on the left, cross the bridge, then take the path to the right. At the road, turn right and join the Mazer. Turn left and, during the climb, ignore a path on the right.
Take the first road on the right and reach Chomeil. Turn right, then continue straight on the discovery trail.
Start the ascent on the left. At the fork, go left (on the right, access to the Costaros rock). At the next one, go left to the top. Go back down the other side until you reach an intersection. Go left and reach a crossroads.
Take the second path on the left then at the crossroads, go down the main path opposite to Aunas. Turn right. In front of the common oven, go left. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead. Further down, turn right.
At the fork, continue with your right hand. Take the road 75 m on the left, then leave it on the right. Go down while staying on the main path. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead.
Take the D 103 on the right then, at the entrance to Combres, turn left. Follow the Loire. In Chamalières-sur-Loire, go right to reach the church.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation553 D- ​​/ 553 D+Distance11,4 kmMax Altitude978 m
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