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PR635 Autour du Chalas

This short route around the Suc de Chalas is a gentle immersion into the scenery of the lives of our great-grandparents, whose testimonies punctuate an itinerary with natural charm.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take the small road alongside a farm towards the west.
Turn right to cross the hamlet. Ignore a path on the right and continue on the road. At the exit of the hamlet, turn left towards Les Vachers.
Take a narrow passage on the right between the houses, then follow a flat path overlooking a meadow. At the crossroads, turn right onto a wider path. Leave it for a path on the left. Join a road. Follow it on the left until Salcrupt. Turn left onto a stone path. Ignore a first path on the right. Pass near a house, then ignore a second path on the right.
At Vérot, go left. Shortly after, ignore a path which climbs to the left.
Further down, the path splits; then go left. Cross a wood, then go down to a stream. Cross it, then continue straight on near houses. Then join the road. Follow it to the left for 230 m.
After a stone wall bordering a property, leave the road for a path on the left. Ignore a path on the right and cross the stream. Continue straight ahead until you reach the houses.

2 Go down the road on the right to reach the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration01hElevation129 D- ​​/ 129 D+Distance4,7 kmMax Altitude792 m
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