in Le Pertuis

PR631 Le Losegal

Go for a long walk in the woods, between Mont Gros and Mont Loségal. On the program: cliffs and screes, vestiges of volcanism in Velay.

Route details

The Pertuis

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the small car park (playground), take the via ferrata path which enters the undergrowth. At the fork, leave the access path to the via ferrata for the path on the right. It winds between the cliffs of Puy des Juscles and Mont Gros.

Take the perpendicular path on the left. It goes down, turns left and goes back up.

At the junction, go down the path on the right in a hairpin. At the fork, stay left and continue for 500 m.

Leave the wide path for the path on the right. It descends steeply between two low walls. Continue along the wider path on the left and go back up
at L’Herm. Take the road on the right and enter the hamlet. At the watering hole, take the street on the left. At the bus shelter, cut the D 35 and take the road on the right for 200 m.

At the house, go up to the left along the stony path. It goes right into the undergrowth. Ignore the path on the right just before a junction.

Climb to the left for 25 m, then climb to the right along the path lined with hedges. Take the road on the left for 5 m and continue the ascent via
the path on the right. Cut the D 35 (> be careful!), use the stony path, cross the car park and go up opposite for 25 m before taking the path on the left.

At the crossroads, go up to the right. The path enters the woods, crosses a scree and rises towards the summit of Mont Loségal. At the top, at the crossroads, continue opposite. In the tiny clearing, take the road. She goes down and returns to the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation261 D- ​​/ 263 D+Distance6,2 kmMax Altitude1112 m
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