in Sembadel

PR618 La Ronde des Sapins

From the village built of granite, an escapade where the gaze will be captivated by the horizons of the Mézenc, the Meygal, the Val d'Allier and the Margeride, without forgetting the crests of the Sancy massif and the Velay volcanoes.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the Sembadel church, take the road which goes up in front of the bell tower. Just before leaving the village, leave the road for a grassy path on the left. This path, first between two low walls, then continues between agricultural land, then joins a road. Follow the latter to the right, pass near a wash house and arrive at a fork.
Take the road which goes up to the right. Then leave the road for a path on the right. Near a grove of Scots pines, the path comes to a fork [> beautiful stone cross]. Turn right to follow the wide path which soon enters the woods. At the clearing, ignore a path on the left and continue on the same path. Reaching a crossroads.
Turn left to re-enter the woods. The path will then go down slightly and end up on a road. Cross it to follow the access road to Reyrolles opposite. After the first house, a grassy path goes up on the left.
Follow this path. At the high point, arrive at an intersection. Take the path on the right. At the road, go left for 50 m, then leave the tarmac for the path on the left under the trees.
At the road, cross, continue on the path opposite and join the D 222. Follow it to the left for 300 m to discover a wide path on the right.
Take the latter which goes at an acute angle to the right. Continue straight ahead, first in the forest, then between fields and meadows until Sembadel.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration01hElevation89 D- ​​/ 89 D+Distance5,6 kmMax Altitude1099 m
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