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PR614 La roche Martine

The circuit leads to the village of Faux where we discover the mysterious Martine rock as well as a striking view of Sancy (1885 m), Cézallier, Plomb du Cantal, Mont Bar and Mont Mézenc.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the entrance to the church, go up into the village. Cross the street to take the path that winds between the houses. At the top of the village, the street becomes a hollow path between two low walls. Continue into the woods. At the two successive crossroads, go straight ahead. Arrive on a road at a junction where an oratory to Saint Robert is erected. Go left. Just after the water reservoir, ignore the path on the left and continue for another 100 m on this wide track.
At the junction, continue on the wide track on the left. After 1,3 km, discover a path on the left that goes under the trees.
Follow this path to the left and very quickly arrive at a junction at the entrance to the Intranges sectional forest. Follow the path opposite. Achieve crow's feet.
Take the middle path. Arrive on a small road, then, after 50 m, on a larger one, the D 20. Go right for 120 m, to Les Faux [> panorama of the Cantal mountains, Cézallier and the Sancy massif].
Just before the house, turn left onto the path. At first in the open, it then enters the woods (on the left, a sign indicates Roche Martine). Arrive at a junction.
Turn right and go down into the woods. At the fork stay right. Join a small road and take it to the left. At the entrance to the hamlet of Giroux, follow the road on the left. At the house, the road becomes a dirt road again. Cross a stream and continue until a fork in the road.
Continue straight ahead for 250 m on the wide track, then leave it for a path on the left which climbs under the trees. Cut a small road and continue in the woods to arrive, after a short descent, on a perpendicular path.
Then go left. Join Connangles from the bottom of the village. Take the main street on the right and immediately take the stairs on the left to return to the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation223 D- ​​/ 221 D+Distance10,1 kmMax Altitude1101 m
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