in Berbezit

PR611 Entre sucs et chausses

The alternation between panoramas (Cantal, Cézallier, Sancy) and dives in the narrow valleys of small streams make this route a pleasant stroll between woods and bocages.

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Between 4 and 5, fording the Coutay stream can be difficult during rainy periods

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Go down following the direction “Rocher du Diable”. Walk along the pond, then take the path on the left. At the fork, continue left. Cross the Berbezit stream and reach a road at a place called Valentin. Take it to the right, then take the path going up to the left. Arrive at Bruniaux. Go straight ahead to join the D 20. Follow it to the left until the fork. Turn left between houses. At the crossroads, go opposite towards Le Poux. Continue until the D 20.
Ignore the road and take the path on the left between the pastures and soon under the trees. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead. Go down to the right on the grassy path which leads to the Favin stream. End up on a perpendicular path.
Turn left. Then follow the small forest road on the left for 80 m, then take a path on the right. Cross the road to continue opposite on the path which spans the stream. Go back up to Boissial [> still]. Cross the hamlet and continue 200 m.
Take the path on the left. Find the road at the entrance to Lermitagne. Take the left lane, then turn left at the last houses. The path descends between meadows, then into the woods. At the fork, go right. Ford the stream, then follow it to the right to cross it again. Continue in the woods, rising gradually. Come out onto a wide path and follow it to the left until La Fagette. Cross the hamlet and reach a junction.
Go opposite, ignoring the path on the right. Go down between agricultural lands. At the entrance to the woods, go straight ahead. The path becomes tarmac at the houses.
Abandon the tarmac to turn left. Ford the Coutay stream. On the other bank, take the path which climbs to the left. Follow the road on the left for 400 m.
Take the path on the left leading to Chavissières. There, continue straight ahead. The path goes up to the Devil's Rock. Continue to the right. At the hamlet of La Flotte, follow the road on the left. Continue on the tarmac and discover a path that goes up to the left.
Go up to the houses of Liotour and go right. At the last house, cross the grassy communal area on the left to follow the path which plunges into the valley. Walk along the stream for a few meters before fording. Take the path on the right which climbs. At the high point, turn right. In the open, turn left to find Berbezit [> smithy and shoeing loom]. Take the street on the right and reach the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration05hElevation656 D- ​​/ 657 D+Distance16,8 kmMax Altitude1051 m
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