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PR606 Le Suc d'Orsier

A rather easy circuit (apart from the arduous climb of the Suc d'Orsier), to discover the village of Mézères and its magnificent panorama of the wooded Sucs and green bocages, the remains of its fortifications, its terraced gardens; and enjoy a

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Difficulty !
Arduous climb from Suc d’Orsier.

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the car park, at the Mézères (cemetery) exit, take the road which leaves the village. Immediately, it divides. Go left towards Vioches for 150 m. Then leave the road to follow the dirt road on the right. Find and cut another road. Follow the tarmac road to the right to reach the hamlets of Chaumilles then Breux.
At the crossroads, go first opposite then to the right and, at the last fork, follow the road on the left. At the first houses of Les Sagnolles, discover a narrow path on the left.
Climb up this path which, further up, under the trees, widens and leads to an intersection. Follow the second path on the right, a wide track first between pastures, then in the woods. A path comes from the right then after a few meters the two paths separate.
Turn right and, 20 m later, the path divides again. This time, take a left. Start to climb on the slopes of Suc d'Orsier. The slope becomes steeper as you climb. At the high point, follow the path which will veer to the right and split.
Take the path on the left to go back down. At the end of the woods, reach a small road. Go left. After 400 m, go down to the right on the path for 250 m.
Then turn left on the path between low walls. End up on a bend in the road. Turn right until you reach the houses of Vioches. At the junction, go right for 80 m.
Leave the street for the narrow grassy path on the left. Near a house, turn right onto the wide lane. At the intersection, turn left onto a grassy path which crosses the scree and continues between low walls. Turn right to climb the basalt rock on which Mézères is built. Stairs allow you to reach the village. Go down the street on the right. Continue until the intersection. Turn left to find the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation259 D- ​​/ 259 D+Distance6,9 kmMax Altitude1029 m
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