in Roche-en-Régnier

PR604 Suc de Combres et forêt de Miaune

This circuit will allow you to discover the medieval and Renaissance atmosphere of Roche-en-Régnier, the sumptuous panorama of the Loire gorges at the foot of the feudal tower, the Celtic and mysterious atmosphere of the Mont Miaune forest...

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take the street next to the chapel then continue straight on. Turn right onto the D 35 then, at the intersection, leave the road and go down opposite. Cut the road again and go straight on to Saint-Maurice-de-Roche. Cross the road to climb opposite. Cross a wood, then continue right between the fields. At the edge of the woods, go right. Turn right onto the road. After 50 m, leave it by turning left.
At the edge, turn right and immediately left. Cross the forest and go back down to Combres. Cross the D 9 and take the road opposite. Walk along a wood.
Leave the road for the path on the right. Join Orsignac. Cut the road and go straight into an alley. Ignore a lane on the left. At the intersection, head left. Turn right twice to leave the village.
Ignore a path to the right then to the left. Walk along the edge. At the intersection, turn right. Further on, ignore a lane on the right and continue until you reach a junction. Continue straight ahead, cross the D 9 and head right. At Remège, turn left. At the fork, turn right.
At the edge, turn left. Enter the forest on the right at the second path. Go straight up the main path.
When the slope softens, turn right twice and continue the ascent of Suc de Miaune. At the top, head right (on the left, access to the panorama of the Loire gorges, return trip 10 min). Shortly after, turn right and begin the descent. Go straight down along the main path.
At the fork, turn right (GR® 3 junction) and go down to the hamlet of Bois. Turn left and pass between the houses. Head to the left on a grassy path and reach the forest.
At the edge, go right then left. At the intersection, turn right onto a wide path. Leave it for a narrow path on the left and cross a bridge. At the road, continue straight and, at the crossroads, follow the D 35 on the left for 20 m. Climb to the right on a path lined with trees and stones.
At the houses, cut the road then turn right. Continue straight on the path then, in Roche-en-Régnier, turn left to reach the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation432 D- ​​/ 432 D+Distance13,2 kmMax Altitude1065 m
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