in Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc

PR597 La balade de la Bergère

In good weather, you will see the Mézenc mountains beyond the Arlanc plain. In foggy weather, the domain of bland and leprechauns around the Pierre de la Fille will envelop you in its mystery...

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Fording the Sauze stream is difficult in winter (between 5 and 6)

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the D 35 crossroads with the Bonnefont road, follow the D 35 along the edge of the cemetery. At the fork, continue on the D 35 on the left. At the crossroads, turn right towards Cheyrac. Ignore a first path on the left and, 40 m later, arrive at the edge of the woods. > The path on the right leads to the Pierre de la Fille.
Continue along the road for 500 m. At the crossroads, turn right and cross the woods. Take the road on the right. Ignore the first path on the left and take the next, wider one. Leave the grassy path on the right and stay on the wide path. At the bottom of the descent, at the entrance to the woods, ignore the path on the right and pass through the woods.
At the junction, turn left and stay on the main path which leads to Cheyrac. In the hamlet, continue left. At the blissful house, go right. Ignore the Bonnefont road on the left and reach a fork.
Turn left and continue straight on until you reach a crossroads.
Climb straight ahead and stay on this path. It passes the Sauze stream and leads to Colombier. Ignore the first street on the left, then turn left in the second to cross the hamlet. Before the last houses, take the path on the right.
At the crossroads, continue along the path on the left. It passes along the edge of the woods before crossing it.
In the clearing, turn right then, at the entrance to the woods, turn left. The path crosses the woods and leads to Bonnefont. Take the road on the left for 10 m then, at the fork, take the road on the right. It leads to Saint-Victor-sur-Arlanc.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation167 D- ​​/ 167 D+Distance10,6 kmMax Altitude1033 m
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