in Varennes-Saint-Honorat

PR569 Le moulin de Neyraval

Beautiful fir forests, cute little villages. Freshness, great calm and solitude guaranteed.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

In the center of the village [> war memorial], take the road which goes up to the right of the large lime tree [> church opposite]. On the flat ground, the grassy path passes an iron cross before arriving at a road. Cross and continue opposite on the right-hand forest road. Follow this track straight on for around 2,5 km in the fir forest, ignoring the paths on either side. Arrive on the D 40; follow it to the right for 150 m, then take the first path on the left. Quickly, it divides.
Take the left lane. Return to the D 40, cross it (> be careful!) and go down the grassy path. Ignore a perpendicular path on the left to go straight along the edge. Join the D 40 once again at the entrance to Cheneville. Go to the first house opposite and follow the small road to the right for 300 m which goes up towards the woods.
Leave it to climb to the left on a dirt road. At the flat area, turn left to discover two parallel paths. Via the one on the right, go down into the woods, then reach the village of Crozes.
At the second house, leave the tarmac for the grassy path to the left of the barn. At the entrance to a field, turn left onto a narrow path. Join the D 40, cross it and proceed opposite it on the road to Neyraval. Pass the village and continue on the road until you reach the D 51. Follow this on the left. At the crossroads, go straight.
At a small pond, take the road on the right to Fontannet.
In the village, at the communal land, turn left and take the path which goes down. Come out on a track; take it on the left to reach the hamlet of Vialle-Vieille and go back up to the left.
On the climb, before the D 51, use a path on the right which leads back to Varennes-Saint-Honorat. Find the start on the right.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation311 D- ​​/ 308 D+Distance11,6 kmMax Altitude1115 m
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