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PR552 La haute vallée du Dolaizon

Travel across the vast Eycenac plateau and return via the famous Santiago de Compostela route to the heights of Dolaizon with its dry stone shelters called “chibottes”.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the town hall, move towards the bridge. Just before, turn right. Cross the Dolaizon at the next bridge and continue rue du Pont. Take rue des Écoles on the left then rue Saint-Benoît on the right. At the roundabout, go straight ahead for 25 m, go left towards the Bas cemetery, continue on rue Saint-Benoît to the right and follow the cemetery wall.

Take the road on the left for 800 m. At the houses, climb the path on the right. He turns left and climbs right into the woods. At the edge, go up to the left in a hairpin along the meadow. Take the road on the left. She leaves the woods.

Continue straight on for 900 m.

At the Traveler grounds, turn right. At the height of the woods, take the path on the left and continue straight ahead. After 900 m, the path
curves to the right. Just before the road, take the path on the right. At the bend, continue along the path which passes under the power line.

In the center of Eycenac, go to the left of the cross. At the bend, turn onto the path to the right. Ignore two paths on the left. The path goes down to the right. Turn left and continue on the D 31. Do not take the first bridge, but stay below the road and cross the second bridge.

In Dolaizon, stay right, take the path on the right then the road on the right. Under the power line, turn left onto the track. Go down into the valley, cross the stream and go back up.

Continue along the track on the right for 230 m. Take the path to the right. It runs along the top of the cliff. Cross La Roche on the right and return to the left. Cut the D 589 and continue opposite for 350 m. Take the path on the right. Cross the D 589 and take the straight road opposite for 2 km.

At the crossroads of the five lanes, go down the road on the right. She turns left, then right. At the bottom, take the street on the left for 30 m, go down the stairs on the right and continue along Chemin des Rois, crossing a street.
Take the D 31 just before the town hall.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation379 D- ​​/ 382 D+Distance14,3 kmMax Altitude910 m
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