in Vergezac

PR462 La Croix de Fourgoulas

Throughout this loop, the view of the Mézenc-Meygal massif is almost permanent. You will also see the Puy basin and the keep of the Polignac castle.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the start sign, walk along the church, turn left, right, then left again to leave the village. Continue along the path between fields and pastures for 450 m. At the fork, continue right. Ignore a path on the right then one on the left.
At the fork, take the left path. It goes down before becoming flat and enters the woods. Stay on the main path which continues in a straight line until you leave the woods.
At the bend in the track, go right. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead. The path turns left to right and climbs to Fay. Take rue du Lavoir which begins to the left of the fountain and cross the hamlet in a straight line via rue de la Oust. At the exit, continue straight on the track. In Farigoule, take the D 481 on the right.
At the exit of the hamlet, turn left onto Chemin de la Bouvène. After the sewage treatment plant, continue left. After 1,3 km, the track comes in sight of a farm.
Turn left in a hairpin on the track. It rises gently and winds between the fields. Ignore all paths on the left. At the crossroads, go left towards Archaud. In the hamlet, continue left (south) via rue du Breuil. The road leads to Concouret.
At the Fourgoulas cross, head right, turn left and pass to the right of the fountain. Go down rue de Couderc and continue on the D 481 on the right for 200 m.
At the cross, leave the road for the path on the left. Further on, cut the D 481 and continue along the path below to the entrance to Vergezac. Proceed on the D 481 to find the church.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation184 D- ​​/ 183 D+Distance11,5 kmMax Altitude1096 m
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