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PR446 De la Loire aux sucs

Starting from the Loire, this excursion to the Bastide plateau allows you to discover a pine forest with a Mediterranean atmosphere, whose scents exude under the sun.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

With your back facing the road, head right, then turn left. Turn right and cross the bridge over the Loire.
In Changeac, take the first street on the left. After the bridge, turn right. Turn left into an alley. Climb between two walls and come out on a path. Turn right then, at the next intersection, turn left.
During the ascent, ignore a path on the left and continue on the main path. When the slope softens, ignore a path on the right. In a clearing, turn right. After a slight descent, before the road, turn left.
Near the farm, turn right, then continue to the right on a path. Pass some trees and go back up to the road. Take it on the left and follow it on the right into the Bastide.
At the exit of the hamlet (cross), turn left onto a grassy path which goes down. Pass over a stream then go up. The path follows a stream and comes out on the road. Follow it to the left for 50 m and leave it on the right.
Near the house, turn right. After 80 m, turn right onto a path. Go straight ahead at the crossroads, near a house.
Take the path on the right. Reach a road; follow it to the left for 100 m and take the path on the right between two meadows. Enter the forest straight ahead and cross a stream. Further on, take the road straight ahead to enter Donaze. Continue straight ahead and, after 250 m, go down to the right. Near the farm, turn right and join the road. Take it on the left for 430 m.
Just after the house, leave the road and turn left. Shortly after, return to the road and follow it to the left for 90 m. Turn right and enter the forest. Ignore a path on the left which joins the road. Further down, follow the path which winds down. At the end of the forest, continue left until Changeac. Turn left.

2 Go straight ahead to cross the Loire. After the bridge, turn left then right to reach the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation408 D- ​​/ 408 D+Distance11,8 kmMax Altitude798 m
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