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PR376 La source des Estreys

After this hike on the heights of La Borne, visit the Estreys mineral water source. With a constant temperature of 17° C, significant radioactivity, its waters are loaded with chloride, bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, acid, because

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the center of Estreys, on the square, go up the D 113A. Cross the level crossing and continue for 80 m.

Take the track on the right. It dominates the railway line. Ignore the path on the left. At the fork, turn right and pass under the railway bridge. At Moulin-des-Estreys, take the D 113A on the left for 300 m.

In the bend, go left on Chemin des Écureuils and go left under the railway bridge. Just after, take the path on the right. It rises in bends. At the top, follow the road to the right. It passes near a quarry (> be careful!).

Before the N 102, go up the lane on the left. It becomes path [O> point of view]. After the summit, cross a wood of pines
[O> intended to supply bread ovens in the surrounding area]. At the intersection, near the quarry, continue right. At the crossroads, follow the road
left for 280 m.

Take the path to the right and continue straight for 250 m.

At the fork, go down the path on the left between pastures and crops. Enter Sinzelles on the right. At the exit, go up the road to
right [O> view of the Borne valley]. It becomes a track. Take the D 112 on the left for 300 m.

Turn left, walk alongside the farm and go down the path, going around the woods on the right. After two turns, go under the bridge
from the railway line and join Les Estreys. Turn left.
> The small road on the right leads to the Estreys spring (round trip 900 m).

Find the hamlet square on the left.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation341 D- ​​/ 341 D+Distance9,7 kmMax Altitude856 m
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