in Fix-Saint-Geneys

PR364 Entre Auvergne et Velay

A beautiful circuit which runs along the ancient border between Auvergne and Velay, a watershed between the Loire and Allier basins which offers, on both sides, splendid panoramas.

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Fording between 5 and 6.

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Follow the street which goes south in front of the town hall. At the exit of the village, take the path on the right. It cuts the D 40 and remains below.
1,5 km from Fix, cross the D 40, take a dirt road opposite towards the cross erected on a promontory. Cut the road which leads to Veyrac, continue straight on and come out on a perpendicular path. > Possibility of going up to the cross of Veyrac through the communal land.
Turn left towards the village without entering it and turn right. Continue straight ahead until you reach a remarkable tree.
Go right and, at the cross, find yourself on a road. Follow it to the left. Cross La Bastide and go down a winding grassy path to a stream. Continue opposite in the undergrowth, climb a fairly steep hill and reach the road from Aubaron to Fix on the plateau. Take it on the right for 300 m.
Leave it in sight of Fix-Bas and turn left onto a path which descends steeply to the small Fioule stream. Ford it. Turn at an acute angle onto a path to the right. It passes under the railway line and comes out onto a road. > Access on the right at the entrance to the Fix tunnel.
Follow the road which goes up and joins the old N 102; follow it to the right. Then follow the new N 102 to the right of the safety barrier and reach Fix. In the village, take the first street on the right. At the fork, stay left and continue straight to return to the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation273 D- ​​/ 272 D+Distance8,4 kmMax Altitude1153 m
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