in Vernassal

PR362 Circuit des Nautes

Small circuit through the woods which is particularly suitable for picking mushrooms.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the town hall, go up the D 273 to the fountain. Take the street on the right, cross the Place de l'Église and go down a few steps. Turn right into the street then left onto the path which leads to a road in Razonnet [> on the left, cross-oratory].
Follow the road to the right for 300 m then turn left onto a dirt road. Take the road straight towards Les Nautes for 200 m.
Higher up, leave the tarmac and use a dirt road on the right which climbs through the broom before returning to the road. Cross Les Nautes [> back, panorama]. At the last house, leave the wide path to follow a grassy path to the right which leads through the woods.
At the fork, continue to the right and reach the Moulis clearing. Come out onto a perpendicular sandy path.
Take it on the left for 750 m towards the Boissière house.
Turn left again to pass to the right of the house. Enter the forest via a path that goes up, leaving the ruins of Monteil on the right. Come out at the crossroads of the 4 paths (in fact, five or six).
Go right on the flatter path which heads west and comes to a crossroads.
Take the road on the left which goes down to Vernassal.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation216 D- ​​/ 216 D+Distance8,7 kmMax Altitude1000 m
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