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PR359 Circuit des trois Bornes

This circuit allows you to discover the upper Borne basin, which is a tributary of the Loire, and the two rivers which constitute it: the Borne Occidentale and the Borne Orientale.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Go down the D 27, leaving the station on the right. Ignore the railway bridge on the right and take the first tarmac path on the left (rue Traversière). At the stone cross, continue on the same street and cross the old village of Darsac. After the Tarra area, continue straight on a sandy path.
Leave a dirt road coming from Fespescle on the left and continue on the right to the Western Terminal. cross it. After the bridge, turn right onto a small grassy path which leads, 700 m later, onto a road. Follow it to the right until the crossroads with the D 211. Take the D 211 on the left for 50 m.
Facing the kilometer marker, go down to the right towards La Ribeyre. Before the first house, turn left onto a dirt road which leads to a tarmac path at the bottom of the hamlet. Follow it to the left until you reach the last house.
Go right on a dirt road, cross the Orientale Terminal on a stone bridge and take the path on the right which rises into a pine wood. Join a perpendicular path.
Turn right on this path, continue for 1,5 km and reach Drossac. Keep to the right. South of the hamlet, the road plunges into the Borne valley then goes up and reaches Lissac. Cross the village, leave the church on the right, pass between the town hall and the fountain. At the communal oven, go left and continue on the road until the crossroads with the D 131.
Follow it to the right for 300 m, then turn right. Continue on a path to reach Connac and come out on the D 131. Take it on the right for 150 m.
Take a tarmac path on the right which turns into a dirt road. Take it for 2 km, then take the D 27 on the right opposite the football field and join Darsac.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation168 D- ​​/ 168 D+Distance12,1 kmMax Altitude902 m
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