in Saint-Paulien

PR348 Autour du Bourbouilloux

The Bourbouilloux stream, which we cross several times, and its green valley offer a soothing setting for this charming walk.

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St. Paulien

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the town hall, via Place des Sabots, reach Rue Armand and turn into Rue de l'Anyade. After the Ford garage, go right and reach the Croix des Pères.
Continue straight ahead and reach a crossroads. Ignore the left lane going to Tressac to follow, straight ahead, the lane towards Le Monet. Cross the Bourbouilloux stream then turn right, left then right. Continue on the road towards Anviac, leaving two dirt roads on the left.
Cross the hamlet.
At the exit, pass near the washhouse and continue straight on a sandy path that rises. Go straight ahead for 1,5 km.
Turn right onto the path which crosses Bourbouilloux 100 m later. Ignore a path going left and continue straight on for 750 m.
Before a sheepfold, turn right onto a small path. It turns left after the sheepfold, lowers to pass next to the Cros mill. Cut a perpendicular road to follow a fairly steep tarmac path on the other side which subsequently becomes sandy. After a few turns left and right, reach a crossroads of three paths.
Turn right onto the sandy path which heads towards Saint-Paulien [> view of the village and the fortress of Polignac]. Arrive at Place du Marchedial, follow Rue Bolène [> on the last house on the left before Place Jeanne-d'Arc, a sundial dating from 1630] and return to the starting point of the circuit.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation248 D- ​​/ 248 D+Distance11,2 kmMax Altitude922 m
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