in Saint-Geneys-près-Saint-Paulien

PR347 Peyramont

The great calm of the upper Bourbouilloux valley, at the foot of the volcanoes of northern Velay

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take rue de l'Église which goes down to the left.
At the fork near the church, continue on the road on the left, ignoring all the side departures to reach the Cros. Then go up to the right and cross the hamlet in a straight line. Continue via a wide dirt road. After about 800 m, reach a junction.
Proceed to the left, cross a small stream then, on the left, cross the Bourbouilloux stream by a bridge. Come out at a crossroads.
Turn right and, 50 m further on, ignore the road on the left to go straight into the valley. Pass the houses of Mauriac, then reach the hamlet of Montredon [> chapel]. Follow the road to the right until you reach a crossroads on a high point [> wooden cross, view of Peymarie to the south].
Take the path on the right. Arrive in Uffour. Then turn right and cross the village via the main street. At the crossroads before the D 906, turn right and arrive at Uveyres.
When the road splits, go left. Continue along the street on the right then, at the stone table, use the street on the left. Stay on this partially paved road, on the side of Peyramont, ignoring the paths on either side. Reach a road at the entrance to Saint-Geneys-près-Saint-Paulien; follow it in a straight line until you reach the church.

2 Then turn left to find the starting point at the end of the street.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration03hElevation196 D- ​​/ 196 D+Distance11,7 kmMax Altitude966 m
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