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PR338 Les deux panoramas de Jalore

A unique atmosphere, in the land of volcanoes and slate. Lava stone is present everywhere, in the stone flows, the dry stone walls which line the paths, the old cultivation terraces, in Mézères, a village built with

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Go straight up the alley. Turn left onto the D 35. After 30 m, turn right into the village. At the first intersection, go straight.
At the second, go left and move away from the village.
Turn right and shortly after turn left. In the forest, stay on the main path. At the fork, turn left between two stone walls and continue straight on. At Faux, go right. Take the road on the right. After 30 m, leave it for a path on the right and immediately climb to the left. Ignore a path on the right.
Leave the wide path for a narrow path on the right. At the intersection, go down left. At Planèze, go left. On the asphalt, go right. Go down to the right and continue on the path. At the junction, turn right. Stay on this path. At Chalendar, continue straight. At the intersection (cross), go straight on the road. Take a path on the left. Cut a path and cross a scree. Under the trees, climb to the right. At Mézères town hall, go down the main street.
Take the path on the right. Turn left, then take the road on the right. At Lachaud de Mézères, take the second road on the left. After 230 m, leave it for a path on the right. Ignore a path on the right.
Stay on the path to the right and climb up to Roiron. Follow the road on the left (following the road on the right, orientation table 300 m). Before leaving the hamlet, turn right. The path splits; turn right, then climb into the forest. Reach the belvedere, then go back down.
At the edge, turn right, cross the Chier Blanc scree. Keep to the right to cross the forest. In the clearing, continue straight ahead. At Herm, go down the left on the road. At the fork, take the road on the right. After 60 m, leave it on the left and enter the forest. Near a house, continue straight on. Ignore a path on the right.
At the intersection, go right, then go straight. Pass a wooden chicane and follow the narrow path overlooking a meadow. At the intersection, go down left to Blanlhac.

2 Continue straight into the village, then take the D 35 on the left for 30 m. Go down to the right to reach the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation510 D- ​​/ 510 D+Distance13,9 kmMax Altitude1038 m
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