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PR312 La fontaine de Vermenouse

An invitation to discover the Velay plateau, land of green lentils whose crops can be seen along the way. The ocher tracks and volcanic breccia houses will adorn the landscape along the circuit.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the cross near the washhouse, go up the small road. Join and follow the D 31 to the right for 80 m. Turn left for a few meters.
Leave on the right path between the fields. After 700 m, it turns left and reaches the corner of a wood. Take the second path on the right at the edge. Shortly after entering the forest, turn off on a path to the left and quickly reach a perpendicular path; turn right. Arrive at a crossroads.
Turn left uphill for 80 m, then go right. At the next crossroads, continue left. Arrive at the Vermenouse fountain (picnic table).
Go down to the right via the small road. Proceed to Bonnefont. In the hamlet, turn right then go straight on to join the D 31, main street. Go right, then turn immediately left towards Ronzet. Pass next to the Clousey fountain and watering trough, then ignore a path on the left to stay on the main road which zigzags between the plots. At the entrance to Céreyzet, continue straight on.
At the quarry, go down to the right for 60 m, then go left. After the farm, take the path on the right. Leave access on the left, then reach a junction.
Take the left track to Espale. At the houses, take the municipal road on the right. At the fork (Dolaizon sources area), keep heading towards the D 33. Cross (caution) and continue on the path opposite.
At the crossroads, go right. In Espinasse, at the tarmac, go left and join Chaudeyrac. In the center of the hamlet (chapel), turn right and leave the village.
Quickly take a wide path on the left. End up in a junction.
Go up opposite, ignore a path on the left and come out on a small road; follow it to the right. Around 200 m after the Trintinhac house, take the path on the right. At the stadium, turn left, then cross the D 33 at Rivets (washhouses on the left) to return to the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation260 D- ​​/ 256 D+Distance14,1 kmMax Altitude1180 m
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