in Saint-Hostien

PR253 Le Pidgier

A walk for the family in the woods that cover Mount Pidgier. From up there, a clearing allows you to enjoy a vast panorama of the juices of the Meygal and the Emblavez.

Route details

Saint Hostien

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Take the path, to the right of the cross, for 50 m.

Turn right and enter the woods. The path
gradually rises between the trees. On the flat ground, leave the path on the right, continue opposite, then ignore the one on the left and go up to the right.
Come out at the edge of the woods, on a wide collar. Start the descent and pass under the power line.

Continue to the right along the path lined with low walls, then straight ahead along the track between the fields [O> panorama of the Meygal and Emblavez juices]. Take the road on the right, then turn left below the N 88.

At the crossroads, at the tunnel, take the road on the left for 600 m.

Proceed left on Route de Sucheyres for 5 m, then turn left onto the stony path which descends steeply (> be careful!). Continue along the track on the left, pass near a pond and continue along the path which has become narrower. Take the road on the left for 300 m, then the road on the right. It becomes a track. Pass the house on the right.

Take the perpendicular grassy path on the left. It passes under the power line then goes down. At the end, turn right. Borrow the
D 433 left, then turn left towards Rabeyrines.

At the houses, in the left turn, continue on the lane opposite. It becomes a path. At the end, take the road on the right for 20 m, then go up
by the road on the left. It runs alongside a housing estate then becomes a track and leads back to the outbound junction.

On the right, find the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation186 D- ​​/ 186 D+Distance5,9 kmMax Altitude955 m
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