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PR237 Le point de vue de Roiron

Departing from the old “Galoche” station and the “Via Fluvia” cycle path, this circuit takes you on a short walk to discover particularly remarkable sites of the natural, traditional and railway heritage of Emblavez.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the car park, cross the main street and climb opposite. Take the old Galoche railway line. After 210 m, turn right. Go up, follow the Calvary then the cemetery. At the fork, go right. Higher up, continue straight on the wide path. Further on, ignore a path on the right and reach the road.
Take it on the left for 180 m. At the Jalore cross, turn right towards Lousseix. Ignore a path on the left, then, a little further up, follow the road on the right. Pass between agricultural buildings and continue 160 m.
After the house, turn right. The road becomes a path. Follow it for around 350 m, then climb to the left via a narrower path. Higher up, go right. As you approach Roiron, turn right and enter the hamlet.
Turn right onto the square and take a path that goes back down. Ignore a path on the right and stay on the main path.
At the crossroads, turn right and go down a small road. At the crossroads, cut the D 7 and continue opposite.
At the fork, turn left and climb 50 m. Turn right and immediately leave the road for the path. As you approach Coindet, ignore a path on the left. Continue straight on the road to cross the hamlet. After 100 m, leave the asphalt for a wide path on the left. Join the road and take it on the left for 270 m.
Turn right and follow the Corboeuf ravine. A little further down, leave it to take a narrower path on the left. Go down to Rosières then, on the square, go right to reach the start.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation293 D- ​​/ 293 D+Distance7,6 kmMax Altitude923 m
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