in Ceaux-d’Allègre

PR110 Les cinq fontaines

Charming, very shady walk leading from the tall foliage of Bar to the conifers of the Grandjean woods, on either side of the five fountains which rise at the foot of the volcano.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

From the church [> 14th century, wall frescoes 16th-17th centuries], rise between the houses of the village. Leave Courbière Castle on the right [> 13th – 15th – 18th century (private)]. Reach a crossroads.
Continue straight ahead on the wide dirt track which passes to the right of the quarry and splits shortly after into two directions. Abandon the initial path to take a path on the left that rises under the shade. Arrive at the edge of the woods, follow cultivated land on the right and join a wide path.
Turn at an acute angle to the right; the path lowers and crosses a perpendicular track. Follow a stony path opposite which joins the D 21. Take it on the right and cross the Orientale Terminal. Continue for 80 m.
Go up the wide path on the right for 300 m. At the fork, go left. Pass a crossroads between the conifers, continue straight for 200 m and reach a new junction. Continue straight ahead, leaving the path going down to the right. The path continues between the conifers and reaches a crossroads.
Turn at an acute angle to the right onto a straight path which remains between the conifers. After a fairly long flat section, the path descends and reaches a crossroads. Continue straight ahead. The path reaches the first houses and the Langlade road. Take the latter which goes down to the left, passing buildings.
Take the D 134 following the Langlade road for 100 m. Take the path opposite to the tarmac path leading to Empetepas on the right, cross the Borne Orientale and continue on the road to Céaux.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation226 D- ​​/ 224 D+Distance8,6 kmMax Altitude1018 m
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