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PR086 Les trois tours

Take the GR® 65 Jacquaire route through the Margeride forests. This day hike will introduce you to the towers and imposing dungeons that once guarded the region.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

With your back to the car park, go right until you reach a roundabout. Follow the D 589 on the right for 150 m. At the sawmill, turn left onto a road extended by a path. At the end, turn left onto a road and reach a junction [> cross].
Take the road on the left, cross the Pinet. Further on, turn left and, via a long path, cross a coniferous forest. At the exit, come to a fork, turn left, cross the Seuge and go up to the Clauze. Continue straight towards the tower [> tower perched on a block of granite, vestige of a castle built in the 12th century]. Pass in front of the assembly house.
Turn left onto a descending path, then extending into an ascending path through fields and pine woods. It becomes a road before an intersection; Continue right. The road becomes a track and reaches the D 587. Join the D 585 [> cross of Biasse] which we take on the left (> caution!) to Esplantas [> feudal castle with its circular keep from the XNUMXth century]. Continue around the right turn. Take the small road on the left which joins Saugues.
Before the cemetery, take a road on the right. It goes up to an ordeal [> view of Esplantas and its keep, Margeride forests], crosses an agricultural path.
After crossing the Virlange, the road becomes a path then a path in the woods. At a first fork, go left then, at a second, right. Come out onto a road to follow on the left [> view of the Allier gorges and the Devez mountains]. At the Croix des Trois, follow the D 32 towards Saugues.
Turn right onto a road going down into a valley [> view of Freycenet]. Cross the Virlange again and go up towards Freycenet. Cross the village and find the D 32 [> cross]. Continue opposite and continue to the right along a path along a wood [> view of Montchauvet and Mont Mouchet].
Keep the direction leaving the path for a grassy path. Come out again onto the D 32; follow it to the left for around 700 m (> be careful!).
Take the road leading to Saugues on the left. Via rue Saint-Roch, come out onto a square. Go left, then turn right into rue de la Buge. Go down the stairs to Avenue du Gévaudan. On the left, return to the starting point.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration06hElevation502 D- ​​/ 502 D+Distance21,4 kmMax Altitude1151 m
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