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PR071 Le mont Courant

This circuit starts from the Emblavez plain to climb Mont Courant where beautiful panoramas of the Loire plain and the Meygal volcanoes are offered. After walking between the red lands of the summit, you will descend the slopes of the mountain in a fo

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Behind the church, take rue de la Forêt. At the crossroads, continue opposite on a path. Cross the road again and climb straight into the forest. Ignore a path on the right and, shortly after, reach the road. Take it to the right for 140 m, then leave it for a path on the right through the woods. At the fork, take left hand.
A little further up, head left and continue up to the road. Take it on the right; she reaches the plateau and leaves the forest. Leave it for a path to the right. Ignore a path on the right and reach an intersection with a small road.
Turn right on the path. Immediately, ignore a path on the right.
At the crossroads, go straight up a path and enter the forest. At the fork, climb with your left hand. Higher up, ignore a path on the left and begin the descent straight ahead. At the exit of the woods, continue until the wide track.
Take it on the right. Stay on this wide track to go down to a junction of two wide tracks.
Turn right and go down to the bottom of the valley. The path runs alongside the Ramey stream. At the entrance to Labroc, ignore a lane on the right. In the hamlet (cross), turn right. At the crossroads, go straight ahead.
In Chadouart, take the road straight ahead. It becomes a path. Ignore a lane on the right and, at the next intersection, continue straight on for a few meters. Then go left.
At the next fork, turn left. Before Chalignac, turn right and join a road. Turn left and enter the village. At the fork, turn right, then continue straight through Passage des Acacias. Follow the asphalt until Saint-Vincent. Turn right to reach the church.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation488 D- ​​/ 488 D+Distance15,1 kmMax Altitude999 m
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