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PR046 Beaumont

From the gentle Dorette valley to the village of Beaumont, between fir forests and clearings, the route brings together all the pleasures of a walk on the edge of the forest.

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Pay close attention to everything you observe on the trail. The mystery could well be revealed at the bend of a wood or a secret path...

The enigma: How many windmills are on the route?

To participate in the game, go to the page: https://www.lepuyenvelay-tourisme.fr/printempsdelarandonnee/

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Behind the church, take the path which plunges under the village. At the intersection, go down left. Almost at the bottom of the valley, continue straight on.
At the fork, go left. Join a road near a few houses. Follow it to the right, pass above the Dorette and join the D 13. Take this on the left for 500 m.
Then turn right onto the small road which goes up to the hamlet of La Terrasse. At the last houses, two paths are available to the hiker. Take the one on the right towards “Beaumont”. Quickly, it splits.
Continue left on the path which soon climbs into the woods. Higher up, the path divides. Continue to the right. The ascent continues on the main path to the village of Beaumont. There, find a small road. At the crossroads, turn right onto a gravel road [> viewpoint over Velay]. At the fork, stay left and enter the woods. Reach a fork in the road.
Ignore the path on the left to follow the path straight ahead. Arrive at the houses of Chanet. At the crossroads, turn right to cross the village. At the last houses, follow the path above the village. Soon, he begins the descent into the fir woods.
At the junction, turn right. After a significant descent and a few bends, the path leads to a small road. Take it on the right along the stream and come to a crossroads.
Take the bridge on the left to cross the Dorette. Immediately, at the picnic area, follow the path which goes back towards the village. At the intersection, climb the last steep slope on the left to find the church.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration02hElevation321 D- ​​/ 321 D+Distance8,8 kmMax Altitude1072 m
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