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La Grande Traversée du Massif Central à VTT (GTMC-VTT) en 30 jours

Created more than twenty years ago for lovers of mountain biking in the heart of nature, the Grande Traversée du Massif central à VTT is a mythical route, a collector's route as there are few in France.
Services for cyclists

"GTMC Recommended" accommodation (campsites, hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts) are located less than 5 km from the route and guarantee you quality services such as a closed garage for your bike, for example. It is strongly recommended to book your accommodation in advance, especially in tourist areas.

Route details

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


A long route (but easily flexible thanks to the many accommodations present on the route), hilly (with some physical climbs but rarely long) presenting no major difficulties.

Some technical passages in the Morvan.
An aerial and technical section between Sainte-Enimie and Saint-Chély-du-Tarn (but easily avoidable by joining the Col de Coperlac directly by road D 986 from Sainte-Enimie).

No carrying, but a few pushes generally limited to a few meters.

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Today the GTMC-VTT returns to the front of the stage, bigger, more accessible, more modern. It is now a complete crossing of the Massif Central, the great lakes of Morvan, in Burgundy, to the Mediterranean. 1360 km to cover three regions, ten departments, four regional natural parks, a national park, and discover by the paths the exceptional sequence of the great landscapes of the massif, the inhabitants and the heritage of these highlands.

The GTMC is also more welcoming. First experience of mountain biking over a few days or long distance raid, the GTMC lends itself today to multiple practices and can be experienced in several ways, from the softest to the most committed. From the northern wooded curves to the slopes of the volcanoes of Auvergne, from the sharp relief of the Grands Causses and the Cévennes to the descent through the scrubland towards the sea, everyone has their own GTMC!

Especially since the new GTMC has been designed for the practice of electrically assisted mountain biking, this new bike that puts the mountains and roaming within everyone's reach. Whether they are novices or experts, practitioners can meet there to share the adventure of mountain biking together.
Cycling sportsMTB route
DifficultyDifficultDuration05hElevation30697 D- ​​/ 30064 D+Distance1,4 kmMax Altitude1560 m
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