in Brives-Charensac

Fête du Vélo à Brives – Circuit Famille

This 7 km circuit is accessible to everyone aged 5 and over. The route is entirely isolated from cars with the exception of the passage towards the town hall of Brives-Charensac, the crossing at the Maison pour Tous roundabout and the crossing at the pedestrian crossing.

Route details

Brives Charensac


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1. On a bike, when I turn, I indicate my direction with: A – My armB – My foot C – My indicator2. To signal my presence: O – I use a whistle P – I shout Q – I ring my bell3. A child on a bicycle travels at the speed: R – of a sloth (0,6 km/h) S – of a crab (12 km/h) T – of a gazelle (75 km/h)4. Children on bicycles are allowed to ride on sidewalks: D – never E – yes, if they are under 8 years old F – yes, until they are 14 years old5. To stop safely, I brake: A – with both feet B – with the front brake C – with both brakes6. To throw yourself fully into an activity is to “have your head in…”: T – the bitumen U – the handlebars V – the derailleur Put the 6 letters corresponding to the correct answers in the correct order to find the name of an element essential safety when cycling.
Cycling sportsCycle route
Duration01hElevation80 D- ​​/ 80 D+Distance7,3 kmMax Altitude632 m
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