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Etape Roche-en-Régnier-Chalignac : MicroAventure GR3

Come and discover the Gorges de la Loire thanks to the GR3-302, over 3 days. From station to station, you can organize your roaming according to your wishes.

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Continue left on the D 29 towards Vorey to leave the town, then turn right onto the track (889 m). It runs along the ridge which, further on, descends. At the junction, go down left in a hairpin. Take the D 29 on the right for 550 m.
Turn left onto the hairpin path. It runs south down the slope in bends along a wooded ridge. At the bottom (545 m), head left towards the D 103.
Take the D 103 on the right for 200 m (> be careful!), then go down the track on the left. It passes under the railway bridge. Just after, take the path on the right. It runs along the Loire below the railway line.
In Nant, cross the level crossing on the right and take the road on the left. Continue on the D 103 on the left for 300 m (> be careful!).
At the bend, go left and take the middle path. He goes around the houses. Turn left then right, bypassing the factory along the meander of the Loire. After the sports fields, turn right, then take rue du Clos-Moulin on the left. Pass under the railway bridge. Follow the main street on the left and arrive in the center of Vorey-sur-Arzon.
Continue on the D 103 which crosses the village, cross the bridge over the Arzon and continue left.
Before the level crossing, go right on the D 28, leave Avenue de la Gare on the left and turn left onto Chemin de Chaux. Turn left on rue Émile-Zola. After the last houses, it becomes a path at the foot of the wooded hill. After a descent, reach an intersection (541 m), just before the railway bridge.
Take the wide path on the right. It crosses the Ramey stream, goes up the valley, turns left and arrives at a junction (590 m).
Go up the wide path on the left for 500 m then continue the ascent to the right for 150 m.
Take the path on the left lined with wide hedges and continue climbing. Take the track on the right. It heads due south and leads to Cèneuil (690 m).
At the entrance to the village, stay on the road on the right, then go down to the left along the communal road. At the fork, continue down the road on the left. She draws bends and becomes a path.
At the bottom, turn right. Take the D 28 on the right for 150 m, then turn left in a hairpin onto the track which leads to Chalignac (580 m).
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation601 D- ​​/ 291 D+Distance15,2 kmMax Altitude902 m
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