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Etape Monistrol-d'Allier – Pont-d'Alleyras : MicroAventure GR470

Come and discover the Gorges de l'Allier thanks to the GR470, over 4 days. From station to station, you can organize your roaming according to your wishes.

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In Monistrol-d'Allier, rue Lombard, take the Montée des Deux-Chiens. When the street divides, continue on the right, then, at the next fork, on the left. Join the D 589; cross it to take the small road to the right towards “Douchanez”, for around 200 m.
Leave the tarmac for a path that climbs to the right. Go up in a switchback. After the weir, ignore a path on the right to continue straight on. At the wider path, go down left and reach a second fork.
Persevere on the left. At the bottom of the valley, the path comes to a junction. Turn left, on the opposite bank of the Peyre stream, the wide path. It will gradually rise to reach an intersection. Follow the road to the right. Arrive at the hamlet of Freycenet; cross it then continue straight towards Fontannes. In the latter, stay on the main road which becomes a dirt road at the last houses. The path enters the woods and winds over the hills. Reach an open space from which several paths branch off.
Follow the path to the right. Stay on the path which follows the contour lines. Reach a junction at a place called Roc de la Beauche.
Turn right onto the wide path that goes up. Arrive on a perpendicular path.
Turn right and continue climbing. After a high point, arrive at the hamlet of Douchanez. Cross the latter following the road.
At the junction, go left. Continue until you discover the access road to Les Chastres on the left. In the center of the hamlet, follow the street on the right which becomes a path to the last house. Reach a first fork.
Leave the grassy path on the left to stay on the main path. After 450 m it splits again. Go left. At the next fork, turn right.
At the stream, the path turns left, crosses a stream, goes up, then joins a wide track. Follow it to the left to reach the Château de la Beaume. There, turn right onto the tarmac road and join the D 33; take it on the left for 150 m.
Leave the road for the wide path on the right. Pass a metal barrier then, 300 m further on, around a bend, notice a path on the left.
Follow this path between the ferns and the pines. Turn right to follow a low wall, then, at the bottom of the valley, turn left to go down the sunken path. The path turns left and passes under a scree. Follow the path which then descends in bends until you reach the road at the entrance to Pont-d'Alleyras. Go right to reach the bridge over the Allier (12).
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration05hElevation673 D- ​​/ 737 D+Distance17,6 kmMax Altitude921 m
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