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Etape GR700 Le Puy-en-Velay – Costaros

On this first stage of the GR700 you will leave behind the town of Puy-en-Velay and its listed monuments for the Devès plateau.

Route details

Le Puy-en-Velay

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Place du Plot (635 m), take rue Saint-Gilles. At the end of it, cross at the pedestrian crossing to follow rue Vibert opposite. Continue straight on avenue Clément-Charbonnier then avenue Alexandre-Clair. Enter Vals-près-le-Puy (646 m) and reach a crossroads.

Ignore the road on the right to go opposite, slightly to the left, in the small street which runs along the river. Take the Médian bridge which spans the Dolaizon and continue on rue du Pont. Turn left then immediately right to reach a crossroads 170 m further.

Use the small rue Saint-Benoît opposite on the left. Pass to the right of the cemetery, cut the road to go up opposite on a path which soon becomes a path and steepens its slope before reaching a
small road. Follow it to the left for 500 m to meet a path on the right (the second).

Take this path which climbs and reaches, at the high point, a gravel path. Follow it to the right. At the fork, go straight and reach a fork.

Ignore the left path to continue straight ahead.
Systematically ignore the paths on either side. At the houses of Chaponnade, find the tar. Follow the road until the left turn.

Leave the road to follow the dirt road which continues opposite. The path rises slightly between the fields. Come out into an intersection.

Cross the road to enter the street opposite between the houses of L'Estrade. At the high point, pass near a reservoir then arrive at the first houses of Tarreyres. At the fork, turn right
then take the boviduct under the road.
After the boviduct, turn left and cross Tarreyres (962 m).

When two streets appear, take the one on the right. At the exit of the village, at the fork (stone cross), go right. Immediately reach a second fork.

Turn left then, 50 m further, continue left. Go down into the valley following the wide path which leads onto the road. Follow it to the right in its bend which follows the terrain. Just before the railway viaduct, discover two paths which climb on the right.

Take the second which goes up into the woods then reaches the village of Coucouron. Cross the village then, near the watering holes, turn right. At the farm, leave the road to follow the dirt road on the right. Turn left to follow the farm then arrive on a perpendicular path.

Follow it left until you reach the road. Take it on the right until you reach a larger road.
Continue opposite on the gravel path which goes between agricultural lands.

Ignore the path on the right to continue straight on to the village of Concis (965 m). In the center of the hamlet, at the cross, go right. Then turn left twice. Pass near a fountain. Continue straight ahead until the last house in the village where the path splits.

Turn right and join a road. Cross it to take the path opposite, slightly to the left. After the stone cross, the path divides.

Take a right. Come out on a perpendicular path. Go left. Arrive in Aunac. In the center, go straight between the bread oven and the cross then leave the village by taking a bridge above
of the old railway line. The tar then gives way to a dirt road which goes down into the valley then goes up to reach Tourtinhac.

There, cross the road to take the path opposite. After 400 m on this path, reach a wider path. Follow it to the left until you reach a fork.

Ignore the path on the right to continue straight and arrive at a road intersection. Take opposite and arrive after 400 m in a junction.

Go left into the village of Chadernac. In the center of the hamlet, discover a path which goes perpendicularly to the right.

Take this path between two hedges. Further on, he begins to climb, reaches a wood and follows it along the edge. At the fork, near the reservoir, turn right to go down towards Costaros (1080 m). In the village, join the main street and follow it to the left for 400 m.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation289 D- ​​/ 725 D+Distance21,3 kmMax Altitude1099 m
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