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Etape GR65 Saint-Privat-d'Allier – Saugues

It has always been said that the priory of Saint-Privat-d'Allier depended on the Chaise-Dieu since its foundation in 1046. Its existence suggests that, from that date, this route of the pilgrimage route was followed in preference to the old Roman road

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

In the center of Saint-Privat, the GR® 65 leaves the D 589 then takes a road to the right which goes up. At the bend, turn left onto a stony path leading to a small road. Take it for 100 m, then take a path that goes down into the valley; he crosses a street and goes back up to find the road. Cut it to reach the houses of Combriaux. There, take the path on the left. After a high point, find the road again. Cross it to find the path. Continue to Rochegude on this path, sometimes overlooking, sometimes below the road.

At Rochegude, the GR® enters a passage between two houses below the chapel. Follow a path that is initially paved then becomes a simple path. At the first junction, turn right. The trail bends. At the second, go down opposite into the woods following the bends between the trees and the rocks (> be careful!). After a final passage through the rocks, come out on the D 301; to follow her
to the left. At the bend, leave the road for the path which goes up into Pratclaux; cross the hamlet. At the last house in the village, leave the road for the path on the left. Cross the D 301 and continue
on the path between the hedges. Turn left to find a road; follow it to the right for 100 m.

Turn left onto a path which soon turns and returns to the road. On the descent, at the sign “give way at 150m” and at the house with a tower, go down left. At the D589, turn right and follow the sidewalk to Monistrol-d'Allier. At the bend, turn right. 

Cross the Allier on the metal bridge, go up the street on the left then turn right. At the junction, take the road on the right. Turn right onto a small road which goes down towards a mill, cross the Ance then continue on the road. Follow it to a wrought iron cross. Go up to the left to reach the Madeleine chapel [O> cave closed in the 800th century with a stone facade topped by a pediment]. The GR® then rises along a steep slope (handrail) to the Escluzel jump. At the entrance to the village, enter the alley on the right, pass in front of the watering hole, then head to the left (north-west); 589 m further, turn left, cross a road serving Valletta. Cut the D 1 to go up in bends through the woods to the entrance to Montaure (022 m).

At the entrance to Montaure, take the road on the left for 400 m. Turn left (due south) onto a dirt road leading to Roziers. In the village, turn right onto the road (southwest), passing near a fountain. We reach a crossroads (1 m).

From the crossing, located to the northwest of the hill called La Garde, the GR® 65 takes the road to the right (west) to the hamlet of Vernet (1 m).

At Le Vernet, the GR® climbs by road to the fountain near the Assembly House. There, turn left to go up to the top of the village. At the last houses, take a left (southwest)
path which becomes a path alongside a fence, then passing under a high voltage line. Cross the hamlet of Rognac. Continue along the road (north-west), then take a path on the left heading towards a high voltage line pylon. Cut the D 589 (> be careful!) and go down to Saugues (960 m).
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Duration05hElevation696 D- ​​/ 796 D+Distance19,8 kmMax Altitude1103 m
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