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Etape GR40 Montbonnet (Bains) – Le Bouchet Saint Nicolas

The fourth stage of the GR 40 connects Montbonnet small village on the GR 65 Chemin de Saint Jacques at Bouchet Saint-Nicolas, stage village of the GR 70 Chemin de Stevenson via the Volcanic Lake.

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The climb to the top of Mont Recours is worth the detour!

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

At the road, go left for 150 m until you reach the stone cross. Then turn onto the right lane towards “la Chapelle de Montbonnet”. After 350 m, arrive at a junction (separation from the GR® 65).
 Turn right. Arrive at a small crossroads [> fountain, house of bliss]. Behind the fountain, take the grassy path which goes up on the left. Higher up, find a paved road. Use it to continue the climb.
 When the tarmac road turns right, turn right onto the grassy path which goes between the houses. Higher up, this path turns left and widens, then, almost at the top, leaves the village. Cross a road to continue opposite on the dirt road between meadows.
 At the fork, take the right path. At the edge of the forest, a path coming from the right [> Bollène road, old Roman road] joins the path. Then follow this wide path almost in a straight line, first through the forest, then along the edge, for 4,7 km. Cross a first road, the D 333, continue opposite and reach a second road, the D 33.
 Follow it to the left for 300 m to reach a high point from which several paths start (on the left, access to the summit of Mont Recours [> orientation table]; return trip 30 mins).
 Follow the path on the right of the road which goes down into the woods. Cross a small road. Just after this, take the path on the right, still in the woods, and find the road again.
 Cross it to take the leftmost path on the other side (sports course). Go down to the edge of Lac du Bouchet and cross the road to take the path around the lake.
 At the “beach”, leave the walkway to go up to the left and join a small road. Cut it to take the stairs which lead to the Cross of the Goat. Follow the small road opposite that leads to Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas.
At the entrance to the village, turn right then left to reach a square. Pass the church on the right. Continue straight ahead, ignoring the street on your left. At the intersection with the main road, turn left (junction with the GR® 70, chemin de Stevenson).
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation200 D- ​​/ 311 D+Distance14,6 kmMax Altitude1300 m
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