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Etape GR40 Allègre-Siaugues-Saint-Romain

This second stage of the GR40 will take the hiker across the volcanic plateau of Devés passing through Fix-Saint-Geneys, the border between Velay and Auvergne.

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Go straight down, pass in front of the church, then come out on rue du Saint-Esprit and place de la Grande-Fontaine. Turn right, then towards Fix-Saint-Geneys. At the junction, go straight ahead. At the cemetery, leave the road for the lane on the right which runs alongside it. After the cemetery, follow the left lane. After a few houses, the tarmac gives way to a wide path which soon splits.
Take the narrow path on the left which goes down to the road. Cut it (be careful!) to continue opposite on a path that goes down between the hedges [> in the distance, on the right, you can see the Ringue quarry]. Reach the edge of the Western Terminal.
Leave the first footbridge and cross the river on the second. Cut a small road and start to climb. At the road, go left and reach the entrance to Chaduzias where the road splits.
Turn right and go up into the hamlet. Then let the road go left to follow a path on the right which passes between the last houses, then continues between agricultural land and woods. Arrive at a junction.
Take the sunken path which goes up opposite into the woods. Higher up, at the fork, go left, then reach a crossroads.
Go opposite, then cut a small forest road. Persevere on the path in the woods. Cross another path and go down to cross the Razonnet stream on a small bridge. After this, the path climbs again until reaching, in the open, a small road (D 273). Continue on this to reach Fix-Saint-Geneys.
Cross (pedestrian crossing), then follow the main street on the left. Turn right onto the D 40 towards Saint-Jean-de-Nay. At the intersection, leave the road for the path which runs alongside it on the right. This wide grassy path will further cut the road, then continue parallel to the road. After a high point, find the road again.
Follow it until the crossroads. Then turn right towards Auteyrac. After 150 m, in the bend, a path goes off to the left.
Embark on this path which quickly divides. Stay on the left and go down to Chantuzier. In the center of the hamlet, turn left then, after 20 m, turn right. Just afterwards, the path splits.
Follow the tarmac road on the left for 300 m. Then use the path on the right. The latter lowers between cultivated land and pastures. At the junction [> cross], go right, then, after 300 m, reach a fork.
Take the path on the left which passes, a little further on, near a cross, then drops sharply to reach the hamlet of Bussac-Haut. At the first houses, first turn left then immediately right. On the small square, where there is the bread oven and a fountain, continue to the right then straight on. At the exit of the hamlet, a path goes off to the left of the road.
Take this path. Go down to cross the Ance stream on a small footbridge. The path quickly splits.
Continue with the right hand. At the next crossroads [> cross], go straight ahead. At the road, go left to enter Siaugues-Saint-Romain. Cross the village, passing near the church, then come out on the D 590 at a crossroads.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
Duration04hElevation508 D- ​​/ 363 D+Distance16,3 kmMax Altitude1145 m
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